Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boys of Summer Roast

Let me start by saying just WHERE did July go?  I had a lot on the proverbial plate, which is part of the reason I didn't spend any time blogging, but I must admit it was a great month.  I also was able to sneak in a much needed vacation! 

I met with some really great ladies last night who are also members of my CSA.  We had such a blast...we talked about anything and everything and I was inspired to get back to blogging! 

This week's box contained a gorgeous beef roast, and since it has been so darn hot, I knew immediately that the crock pot would be the lucky winner of this feast!  So here is an incredibly easy yet hearty summer meal that will not heat up your entire kitchen or house for that matter. 

All of the veggies you see here are from my CSA.  I included:  red potatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, white onion, red spring onions, and green pepper.  From my pantry I added 2 shallots (roughly chopped), 4 cloves of garlic (smooshed), fresh cracked black pepper, and kosher salt.

Next, I added a few pats of butter to a pan and melted it.  I heavily seasoned one side of the roast (Paul Prudhomme's Meat Magic was the choice today) and placed it seasoned side down in the butter.  Heavily season the up side and then brown both sides. Make sure that baby is really good and seared!  (If you don't brown the roast first, you will end up with a big hunk of meat that looks kind of gray and blah!)

Once Mr. Roast is nice and seared, use a pair of tongs and place him on top of those veggies and then pour the remaining butter in the crock pot.  Add about 1/4 cup of water to the bottom,.  You can add more if you'd like, but I just don't like my veggies swimming in there. 

See how nice and seared the roast is?  That's flavor baby!  Cook on low about 8 hours or so (depending on how you like the texture of the meat).  I cook mine longer because I like it to fall apart.  (And you can shred the leftovers for another meal...if there ARE any leftovers!)

So there you have it - so easy and oh so tasty.  Cheers and enjoy!

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